The Culture Bar

The Culture Bar: Music: Tech, COVID & the Future

October 16, 2020

In podcast episode No.4 of The Culture Bar we are considering the future of music, where it's headed, trends, and of course the impact of COVID19. We are delighted to be joined by Ben Hogwood from Naxos, Silvia Pietrosanti from Pentatone, and Till Janczukowicz from Idagio. This episode is hosted by HarrisonParrott's Lorna Aizlewood and produced by Maja Wolniak.

This lively debate talks about how we consume music and where we get our music fixes from, be it live or recorded, and what's happening in that world today. What changes are there, what are the trends, and COVID-19 and how that's changing where we get our music from.


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